MadeOfBits is a Vancouver-area independent studio that specializes in mobile games and has been operating since 2009. The studio has strong experience in multiple mobile environments, having released successful games on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. 


Before there was MadeOfBits, Alain-Daniel Bourdages entered a local competition in Bermuda, where he was living at the time. The goal was to create an app that would showcase a facet of the country. Alain-Daniel decided for a game based on Johnny Barnes called Be Johnny! The game won the contest and Alain-Daniel went to his first developer's conference.


At the conference, Alain-Daniel met the founder of Mobigloo, Sylvain Dufour, and together they decided to create a follow-up game named Traffic Mania, loosely based on the same idea. And thus, GreenCod was born. At the time, the game was an exclusive for the BlackBerry Storm which didn't help make the game a commercial success. It was nonetheless well received by the public.

After came Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry, which went on to win the Best Game of the year award and did very well for the platform. The game only featured a single table, but 3 more were later added when the game was ported to Android. It was an instant success with features in many publications, including the New York Times.

In 2011, Alain-Daniel relocated to Vancouver, BC and therefore GreenCod followed suit, later becoming MadeOfBits Games Ltd.

Multiple smaller games followed, including a remake of Traffic Mania for Nook and BlackBerry tablets, which paved the way for Bad Traffic, a game released in 2012 based on the same concept but with extended gameplay.


  • Be Johnny! (BlackBerry)
  • Traffic Mania  (BlackBerry)
  • Pinball Deluxe (BlackBerry)
  • Pinball Deluxe (Android)
  • Traffic Mania (Nook, BlackBerry)
  • Bad Traffic (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  • Pinball Deluxe (Windows Phone)
  • Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded (Android, iOS)

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